10 Quick Tips for Legal Technology Interviews

There is a lot that goes into securing a new legal technology job. From resume tailoring to practice interviews, to thank you notes, there is a wealth of advice for job seekers to keep track of. When it comes to the interview, we’ve put together 10 quick and easy tips to help you feel prepared to impress:

1. Be punctual, but not too early.

For your video interview, please plan to log on at least 5 minutes early to allow time for the connection to be established and ensure you’re ready to go when the interviewer starts the meeting. For an in-person interview, aim to be inside and waiting no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled interview. It can be just as inconsiderate to announce yourself 30 minutes early as it is to be late. 

2. Be knowledgeable.

Research the company and be aware of the job’s responsibilities before going in for the interview. 

3. Be enthusiastic about the position and the law firm.

Before your interview, think about what specifically excites you about the role and the law firm from the research you completed earlier. Then find opportunities to highlight these specifics throughout your interview.

4. Be prepared.

Think through your professional accomplishments and achievements in your previous roles and how they might relate to the role for which you’re interviewing. Prepare answers and stories. You should also be prepared to ask questions; bring a list of questions you want to ask with you. 

5. Be employer-focused, not you-focused.

Never ask “What’s in it for me?” questions. Wait until you’re receiving an offer to ask about benefits, compensation, or working hours (or ask your ESP Legal recruiter instead). Asking questions that are perceived as self-centered might eliminate you from the consideration as it can give a manager the impression that you are more interested in what this job will do for you rather than what you can do for the law firm.

6. Be positive.

Never criticize past employers or co-workers but instead focus on positive reasons for making a job change. 

7. Be honest.

You might feel pressure to know every answer to every technical question. By admitting you don’t know an answer, you indicate potential areas of growth or training, but also communicate that you are a trustworthy individual.

8. Be confident, but not arrogant.

Speak positively about your abilities, and honestly about your weaknesses and how you’ve overcome them.

9. Be appropriate in your attire.

You should always dress up for an interview even if the law firm’s dress code is casual and you’re interviewing on video. Make sure your clothes are dressy, pressed, and tidy, and aim for dark, neutral, or subtle colors. When interviewing in person, refrain from wearing cologne or perfume as some people may be allergic or react to strong scents and wear a suit or blazer if you own one.

10. Be conscious of your verbal and non-verbal communication.

Try to maintain a 50/50 balance between talking and listening. Maintain good posture, lean forward slightly to indicate interest, and maintain eye contact. Avoid nervous habits or chewing gum. 


ESP Legal’s technical recruiters would love to help you advance your technology career and are happy to give you personal advice for your interviews with our clients:

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