Legal Technology Salary Guide

Compensation trends and market insights for Legal IT and eDiscovery roles at law firms

Thank you for your interest in our salary guide for legal technology professionals. Each year, we analyze hiring trends within the legal niche, including compensation and benefits, in order to best serve you. 

Our Legal Technology Salary Guide presents data gathered and analyzed from law firms ranging from small and mid-sized law firms with a handful of legal technology professionals to AM 100 & AM 200 law firms with hundreds of technology staff. We compared our numbers, using actual salaries from our recent placements, with other national resources and determined the base salary rates from 2023. 

Our data shows that AM 100/200 Law Firms increased legal technology salaries by 3.1%, eDiscovery and Litigation Support roles salaries by 1.1%, and Executive Leadership and Key Management salaries by 6.7%, while small and mid-sized firms saw legal technology and litigation salaries increased by 1.7%. Bonuses and benefits including healthcare coverage, PTO, and remote and flexible work options continue to be important for retaining and attracting legal technology talent in today’s market.

You don’t want to lose out on the best talent by not compensating competitively. With competition for top talent as fierce as ever, knowing market value is essential to your law firm's success.

You want to be sure you’re paid fairly. Our salary guide shares fair market values for technology professionals within the legal niche so you're not left guessing what your work, skills, and experience are worth.