How to Innovate Your Hiring Strategy on LinkedIn

Silhouettes of men and women with LinkedIn logo

When it comes to networking, hiring, and identifying top talent, LinkedIn changed the game. Never before have more qualified candidates been literally at your fingertips. But, using LinkedIn efficiently and effectively isn’t as simple as it may seem, especially if you don’t have access to or aren’t using some of LinkedIn’s best tools. Here’s how ESP Legal can fix the problems with your LinkedIn recruitment efforts:

Problem #1: Unqualified or Overqualified Applicants

LinkedIn’s job posting and application process is a great tool. LinkedIn makes it very easy for job seekers to apply, and as an employer, you have easy access to applicants’ LinkedIn profiles. However, in our experience, a very low percentage—maybe 1 in 10—of applicants actually meet the criteria. The rest are not qualified, overqualified, or are not based in the right location for the job. Even when custom questions are included in the job posting to help minimize applications from job seekers who simply aren’t a fit, it seems that some candidates apply randomly or based on a suggestion from LinkedIn without taking the time to assess if they are the right fit for the role. This means you can spend hours every day weeding through and screening candidates. It’s a time-consuming task, and we’d love to do that work for you! Our recruiters are skilled at screening for qualifications, location, and technical ability, as well as the next step: assessing whether the communication skills, career path goals, and personality are a good fit for a particular law firm client.

Problem #2: Hard to Know Who’s Looking

LinkedIn isn’t just a job board like Career Builder, Monster, or Dice, which means a large percentage of the people you’ll find in recruitment searches aren’t looking for a new legal technology job. Unless you’re paying for LinkedIn Recruiter, you’ll have a hard time identifying who might be interested in learning about legal IT job opportunities and you are likely to waste your time, effort, and InMails. As an outside agency with LinkedIn Recruiter Professional, not only do ESP Legal recruiters have time to do very thorough searches, we are able to see whether an individual is open to new jobs or not, we can send more messages (without being first-level connections), and we can use additional search criteria to ensure we’re finding and contacting the best legal technology candidates for you to interview and hire.

While LinkedIn can be a great free tool for a law firm’s technology hiring, the task of finding great candidates is time-consuming and sometimes frustrating. We love partnering with our clients to help them innovate, including utilizing all the resources at our disposal—like LinkedIn Recruiter and our proprietary database—to identify the best potential hires for their unique technology team and law firm culture.

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